Testimonial #1

I have been to five different chiropractors over the years. I went to Dr. B. because none of the chiropractors had helped me much. I am a retired M.D., specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Over the years, I have had many injuries - skull fracture, brain surgery, two back surgeries, numerous falls, acupuncture, cortisone injections in the spine, and very strong narcotic medicine. I was told I would never be well. So I thought I would try Dr. B. at age 70. I was very afraid of walking, kneeling down, afraid of going up and down stairs, and afraid of falling down. Dr. Marlene Balabanian examined me thoroughly and skillfully. Her assessment of my problem was complete.

I was very impressed by Dr. B's professionalism, her competence and her caring attitude. My first visit was 6 weeks ago. I couldn't get over her intention to get me to feel better. She told me right away that I was going to feel better and I would get to function better. When I first saw her I felt like 80. Now I feel younger then 70. Dr. B changed everything for me. We started treatments right away. I was bit skeptical at first. The treatments, the home exercises and her adjustments are the best available.

Now I can do ALL the things I was afraid of doing. Now I can do them with ease and confidence. Dr. B. listens, answers all your questions, tells you what to do and what not to do at home. She really wants you to get well. She can handle any problem.

Finally, Dr. B smiles, and that my friend, is rare these days. Dr. B. has given me a new lease on life.

Dr. B., Thank you so so much.


Armand Auger, M.D.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Retired, Kaiser

Testimonial 2

I have suffered for years with lower and upper back pain, causing me to limit physical activity as well as becoming depressed. In the past I had tried lots of Ibuprofen, stretching and hanging upside down from my garage.

A satisfied customer, who spoke very highly of Dr. Marlene Balabanian, referred me to her. After seeing Dr. Balabanian my back feels better and I am now able to maintain an active lifestyle with a healthy properly aligned body. I am able to do the things I love, Football, swimming, hiking, writing, running and lifting. My body and overall attitude is better knowing that I'm under the care of such a great, professional Doctor.

My encouragement for others would be to tell them it takes a little longer to get better than originally expected but trust and listen to the Doctor and it will get better or you can keep doing it your way and hope for a better result.

Rob O'Malley

Testimonial 3

After I was involved in a car accident, I had neck pain, head aches and lower back pain. I had never tried anything before outside of maybe a massage by my mother. I searched the internet and found Dr. Balabanian.

Since being treated I no longer have pain in my lower back nor in my neck and my head aches have disappeared. I can now return to my regular activities like dancing and going to car shows. My pain is no longer around and I can also work again.

What I would tell everyone else is stay true to your chiropractor appointments and hang in there, it takes time but definately worth the wait.

Elizabeth Sanchez

Testimonial 4

My job is very physically demanding and after a few years I began to experience back stiffness & pain. In the past I tried pretty much everything on Earth. I looked in the Yellow Pages and found Dr. Balabanian and since being her patient I can now get on with my life and be healthy and enjoy my hobbies of building and repairing things in my shop. I now have relief of lower back pain and stress caused by pain. My advice to others would DO NOT WAIT! It won't get better on its own!

Dan "Bear" Mustoe

Testimonial 5

I have been suffering with pain for a long time. I hadn't tried anything before but keep suffering. I was referred by another Doctor to see Dr. Balabanian. Since then I've been feeling good and have not had any pain since. I love to travel and go to the movies and both were painful to do when I was in pain.. My advice to people would be to get adjustments and massage regularly.

Shari Huggins

Testimonial 6

I was involved in an automobile accident and was left in so much pain and soreness I didn't know what to do. I tried pain killers and stretching and nothing worked. My attorney told me to go to Dr. Balabanian and I feel much looser & realigned without any pain. As a musician and part time actor I put my body through a lot. Now I feel more flexible. I would suggest to everyone to relax and enjoy it works wonders!

Kane Blust

Testimonial 7

After my stroke I felt an increase in my pain. And I decided to try different excersises. I was referred to Dr. Balabanian by a prior Physical Therapist and so far the treatments keep me very disciplined. I am more determined now to feel better. So to everyone I say eat right! Think right! Seek Chiropractic care for a better life.

Thank you
Leonora Brown

Testimonial 8

I play club Volleyball and started to experience low back pain. I tried extreme conditioning and lots of stretching but it just didn't get better. My team coach suggested Dr. Balabanian and I came in and gave it a shot. After my adjustments I can function a lot better and I can play without pain. My hobbies are Basketball, Volleyball and surfing and they have been much more enjoyable without pain. I can now spike, dig and sommersault without my back killing me. I leave you with a Buddhist quote "If we're facing the right direction all we have to do is keep walking" So face my Chiropractor and all else will be taken care of.

Corey Cooper